Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pain in Songs

I think that music a very successful mode of expression for pain. People open themselves up on a track and pour everything out, which blended with some creativity or a new tune, makes a great song. The reality of songs and the feelings of the artists makes it easy to envision them as a little bit closer to us, a little more human; their experiances resonate with ours...they are just like us. Most often songs are sung about love and the pain which comes of a break up, which is something almost all of us can relate to. I remember when the song by Eamon titled "Fuck it" came out. I thought, "man there goes a vulgar controversial song", but it is so raw and real. This artist said all of the things we truly feel and definetly spoke to the younger generations who can relate to the vulgar language. When someone ripped your trust and love to pieces there is nothing left to say but "fuck you, you hoe, I don't want you back". I can only imagine the pain which comes with uttering those words.
Then there are pop songs which made it big on Top 40 charts like Kelly Clarkson's "Walk Away". I can totally relate to the words in that song too. In all songs dealing with pain, it feels as though the release of that pain inside of the song produces support amongst fans and has an empowering effect on the artists, almost like a catharsis. At the same time they are bare and exposed for the world to see which is a certain kind of vulnerability, which at the same time makes them stronger.
It is hard to miss that three of the songs on the list are by Nirvana. No surprise there. It reminds me of the line "I bleed just to know I'm alive". Torn, twisted. Dead.

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