Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Now that is one trippy movie! The visuals, such as crumbaling walls, houses, or adults that were child size, were so intense at parts that they almost had a drug-like effect. You had to follow closely or else you would be lost inside the twisting and turning plot. The part that slowly made me understand where the producers were going with it, was when Dr. Howard's wife states "she doesn't know? Oh you poor child. You can have him, you already did." There are alot of shocks and mouth openers and this one in particular made it clear that Mary which was played by Kirsten Dunst had fallen in love with the doctor and had her mind erased, but then she fell in love with him all over again. We can come away from this movie sure that love is unevitable. Clementine and Joel are also another example that would lead us to believe this; minds erased and all they both wound up at Montauk and met again. Fate.

This movie also made me think about Valentine's Day. The doctor at Lacuna, the mind erasing agency, even states that February is their busiest time due to Valentine's Day. When thinking about that statement it is depressing to realize that so many people are suffering due to a past loved one, so much that they would want to surrender all their memories with that person to a doctor who blatently states that what he does is a form of brain damage. We would rather be damaged, than remember having loved? That is one twisted thought.
Despite all of the bad things which happened as a result of Joel and Clementine's love I was on my toes the entire movie, hoping that they would end up together. This movie makes you want to deeply believe in the power of love, despite it's downs.
The part where Joel states "I wish I had done alot of things" in referance to not walking out the door of the beach house, on the night when Clementine and Joel met, made me especially depressed. We always seem to look back and wish we had done so much more and so differently. Our past is filled with regrets and wishes for days we could live over again. I wish we could just do everything the way we want do it the first time, in the present...right now.
"Blessed are the forgetful..." We think that if we forget, we can escape. Something will always bring us back, the big bucks would be in making us remember and accept. Love, as the movie proves, is inevitable. We can't escape it. We search for it, we can't wait to have it, and let it take us for a crazy ride, and then we scorn it and push it away. It is a drug, unobtainable, that can come and go and leave you in withdrawls. Take the pleasure with the pain. Accept it. Don't search for one and degrade the other; they are brothers like day and night. "Love is pain and pain is love".
By the way I totally agree with Joel, sand is overrated; then again so are alot of things, and sometimes it just feels so good to take off your shoes and socks and just dig into it.


George Mensing said...

Are you in my head stealing my thoughts? Hmmm? I agree that the movie's message was that love and fate are connected, and inevitable. I especially like your comment about the big money would be in making people remember and accept. Accepting that pain comes with love, and pleasure, and everything, is the trick to a happy life. You nailed it.

Courtney C. McCall said...

It's not even that love is what you strive for. It's how one split second of happiness with that one person can make every bad thing insignificant. It's a reminder that there is that someone who will ride that wave with you whether it causes pain or happiness. In a way its your security blanket when life gets so fucked up you don't even know where the ground is