Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Hello everyone. This is my first blog ever, so this experiance has been pretty cool. I am currently a sophmore in the School of Arts and Sciences at UHart. I am majoring in communications with an emphasis in advertising & public relations and hopefully journalism too. I am hoping to complete a minor in Marketing. I am on the cross country and track teams here at the university which is in pursuit of my strong interest in running. I love music and those who create it. I like to paint on rainy days when I am not overburdened with work and just relax. I love nail polish and other random things. Coffee gets me through alot of days. I often miscalculate the corners of things like tables and hit myself on them. I think time goes by too fast and people don't care enough. I stronlgy support John Lennon's statement "make love, not war".

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